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Complete List of the Eagles World Cup Jersey From 1994 Till Date


The Super Eagles World Cup jersey from Nigeria’s debut at the USA ’94 tournament has come in diverse dimensions, shades of green, and even shape.

If a World Cup kit is that wonderful, it becomes unforgettable! Simple and plain!


Super Eagles World Cup jerseys have been produced by different companies over the last few decades ranging from Erima (1980-1984), Admiral (1984-1987), Adidas (1988-1994), Nike (1994-2002), Adidas (2002-2014), and Nike (2015-Present).

GoalBall takes a stern look at all Nigeria World Cup jerseys and how the designs have transformed since 1994.

Nigeria Jersey 1994

Super Eagles World Cup Jersey


The Adidas Nigeria jersey of 1994 is undoubtedly the greatest – and is definitely the oldest and most beautiful home shirts ever worn by the Super Eagles.

You’d think this is undoubtedly the best jersey ever designed for Nigeria but in an actual sense is not.

The white away kit, as used by the Super Eagles 1994 squad at the World Cup, maybe the more emblematic strip, but the home shirt is great too.

The home shirt, while a little is more subtle than the away strip, also attracted the attention of fans, as reference was made to the local fabric around the neck and sleeves. It was something the World Cup had not initially seen.

A very different Nigerian kit, and a worthy soccer uniform for Nigeria’s first team on the global stage.

Nigeria Jersey 1998


Nigeria’s kit in 1998 was a thing of beauty, as Nike adopted a retro look for the 1998 World Cup. The Super Eagles 1998 World Cup kit was a uniform that stood out for its simple and attractive design which saw the team sport a green shirt and shorts with a bold white stripe running from the sleeves of the shirt to the sides of the shorts.

The white bands with black trim on the shoulders and under the arms made the Eagles appear bold and unique.

Nigeria’s 1998 squad was eventually knocked out shamefully by Denmark by four goals to one.

Nigerian Super Eagles Jersey 2002

Super Eagles World Cup Jersey


Nike’s effort at this shirt is rather divisive among supporters.

Moreover, the jersey had the most unique shade of green the Super Eagles team has ever won at the World Cup, and to this day, that shade of green has never been sported again by Nigeria.

Going lighter into a more mint green, the 2002 Nigeria World Cup squad wore a unique new color on color effect with the unveiling of the Super Eagles’ new shade of green.

Suprisingly, Nigeria used white numbers on their fluorescent green kit when they took on Argentina in 2002 but changed to black – for legibility reasons, or so they said – for the game against England. Was it that Nigeria went there with Obioma (tailors)?

This kit introduced a widespread collar, loose boxer-like shorts, and simple white trimming to the team.


Nigeria’s kit at the 2010 Mundial didn’t leave much of an impression. It was simply a boring effort, which lacked the style of previous shirts. It looked like something the chaps at Adidas took only 20 minutes to whip up.

Even the green lacked the vitality of Super Eagles’ more classic kits, and this one, while dull, is simply unremarkable.

Nigeria Super Eagles Jersey 2014

Super Eagles Jersey


Ridiculed upon its unveiling, Adidas nearly took us back to the kind of green we saw in 2002 ad that didn’t go down well with punters. Although, Adidas’ white stripes on the shoulder had a classy touch.


Super Eagles Jersey 2018

Nigeria jersey 2018


The Nigeria 2018 world cup kit is the bomb!

To have sold 10 million shirts in 48 days? Even Nike couldn’t believe it!

It was a case of going back to your vomit. Only this time it was Nike and not Adidas who had made the original design in 1994, the brand they started with.

From the contorted zig-zag prints to the incorporation of all the former uniform colors blended into one, Nike made the 2018 World Cup kits something Nigerians and people around the world can wear year in year out with pride.

The ‘feathery’ design may be an acquired taste for some, while others have again complained that the shade isn’t the right green for the Super Eagles.

However, this amazing Nike design – part of a collection to celebrate the concept of Naija – has all the makings of an all-time classic World Cup jersey.

No doubt Nigerians are so excited when it comes to football jerseys, but not Super Eagles shirts! Never in history has this occured.

What took place this time around? Why did Nigerians respond so quick like in this sceranio?

Nigerians didn’t respond this way in 1994 when Super Eagles won the Africa nations cup for the second time and qualified for the FIFA world cup for the first time – a squad adjudged the greatest Nigerian national team ever!

And to crown it all, the Super Eagles home kit was voted best jersey out of the 32 nations at the 2018 world cup in a poll conducted by Sky Sports, with the Nigerian jersey having over 40,000 votes to beat Germany to second place with 21,000 votes.

New Nigerian Jersey Price

The Nigeria Football Football Federation earned $3.75m (743m Naira) at the time of its three-and-half-year partnership with Nike.

The contract was worth $750, 000 (148m Naira) in its first year and increased to $1million (198m Naira) each year from 2016 till 2018.

Actually, Nike’s $90 retail price—more than most fans in Nigeria can afford—and its limited production boosted the value of fakes. At first, the price was ₦7,000 ($19) but when Nike ran out of stock, people upped the price to ₦15,000 ($41).

In conclusion, it seems Nike released the most boring Nigeria kits ever and the same Nike were the ones who manufactured the best jersey too that was worn at the 2018 World Cup. Or what do you think?

Which of the following Super Eagles World Cup jerseys is your favorite and which do you hate the most? Kindly drop your comments below in the comment section to air your thoughts.

Anyways, if you would like to purchase a Nigeria world cup kit you can go to any online store like Jumia. You will surely discover the current Nigeria jersey price.



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